The E-Cigarette Revolution

         Electronic Cigarettes are a revolutionary new alternative to smoking.  Electronic Cigarettes produce nicotine like regular cigarettes but instead of burning tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes release nicotine from a liquid cartridge. So, instead of smoke, you exhale water based vapor that is free from the chemicals and tar that are found in cigarettes. Beat public smoking bans or use these E-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid. We have links to E-cigarette retailers and reviews from their satisfied customers. Check them out to decide if this new technology is right for you.  For a detailed overview of the Electronic Cigarette, visit The E-Cigarette Journal.  Find the best deals on the highest quality electronic cigarettes, including the ones shown below at VaporSavers.


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 The E-Cigarette

E-Cigarette Video

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Pen-style, uses atomizer, rechargeable battery
Looks  real, uses 
Cartomizer Cartridges

 Disposable, affordable, looks real, makes a great gift!

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