Use MYO to quit

Make your own cigarettes ( M. Y. O. ) can be a first step towards kicking the habit. The tobacco sold for making cigarettes contains less poisons and less nicotine than commercially manufactured cigarettes. Therefore, switching to M. Y. O. weeds you off of addiction to many chemicals not found in cigarette making tobacco . Also, they contain no fire safety compliance chemicals which are known to make cigarettes even more toxic and deadly than they ever were before . Think of it as switching to lights that cost much much less than your brand of lights .

E-Cigarette to Quit

Beat public smoking bans, long shifts at work, or the cigarette habit with this new and innovative product that can ease the tension of quitting, and stop others of complaining about second hand smoke.  Click here and check out products, or visit some of our resources on quitting .

$aving $mokers
"Quitting Smoking"
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