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         Here that savings Smokers,  we are dedicated to helping all smokers save in some way ,whether it be your health,  your money or your life we are here to help.  However,  I cannot stress enough that quitting smoking is the best option for anyone .   While homemade cigarettes contain fewer chemicals and additives , the human body is not designed to inhale smoke . Smoking can cause of lung cancer end of many other fatal health conditions. The best decision that any smoker can make is to quit and while the products featured here can help you to do so , they do contain nicotine and therefore are still addictive just as cigarettes are . Nicotine is bad, quitting is good, and people under the age of eighteen should leave this site immediately , as you have no business here . There is no need to quit smoking or save money on cigarettes if you never start .

If you have questions or comments about this site or any of the products shown here, you can contact us at
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